I am Ingrid Huffman, a human Kintsukuroi art vessel, and multi-dimensional wellness practitioner. Through my personal journey deep into PTSD, and MST brought me into multi-dimensional healing and belief that healing is not accomplished by symptom management, stress-reduction, or altering brain and body chemistry with medications, or by learning mind-body cooperation alone. I have founded Blue Winds Dancing Sanctuary, a non-profit organization and our mission is to create a world without PTSD, the resultant homelessness and suicide for US- Veterans and our families by understanding and honoring the hero within.
How do we do this? By integrating restoration agriculture with ancient Shamanic ways of healing, cutting-edge neuroscience, and nutrition to accomplish healing of the soul, mind, and body.

As the founder and program designer for the sanctuary, I am deeply passionate about shifting the paradigm from symptom management, disease management and screening to wellness and vitality! We are not merely on this earth merely to survive, we have a life purpose, each one of us does, which is a mission to accomplish.

“To create a world without PTSD, the resultant homelessness & suicide through UNDERSTANDING & Honoring the HERO within for US (Veterans and our families)”

Ingrid Huffman

Founder & CEO

Ingrid Huffman is our Founder, President & Chief Visionary.

She is a always expanding her knowledge, which started with a BSN from University of Colorado. She is a Shaman adept in the lineage of Dr. Alberto Villoldo, and Don Oscar Miro-Quesada, and is currently working on her Phd in Quantum Integrative Medicine from Quantum University in Hawaii.

She was in the Navy Nurse Corps 1991-1994 and the Army Nurse Corps 2003-2009 with one deployment 04-05 to Iraq

Barbara Cathey-Johnson

Vice President

Barbara is always expanding her knowledge also. She holds a BA in Complimentary and Alternative Health with a Minor in Organizational Management from the Forbes School of Business.  She is currently working on a Master’s degree in Herbal Medicine. Her passion is native plants and so she has established Oklahoma’s first plant sanctuary with United Plant Savers.